EC Students

I loved seeing Earlham students view my work on the wall. Helps to put the work in perspective.


Quadrants in Progress

Two of three Quadrant paintings for my recent show at Earlham College - In Progress. (Each 52 x 52 inches)


Pulled Thread Assist

Working on large scale pulled thread embroidery pieces for my solo show at Earlham college. Jamie Karolich, a printmaker, knitter, and intern at Penland this summer, came to assist me for the past 2 weeks. Hours and hours of stitching, pulling and painting proceeded! Thanks Jamie!

Be sure to check out her new studio space in Lexington, KY at the old Rainbo bread factory.

Photos by Jamie Karolich.


BAM Biennial 2012 In Process

With many a 16-hour day behind me now, I am back to sharing some behind-the-scenes images of recent work. This post, in particular, is about the work that I recently submitted to the BAM Biennial 2012: High Fiber Diet show at the Bellevue Arts Museum in Bellevue, Washington which opens today, October 25th, 2012!

I originally proposed a piece which would continue my use of image transfer on cloth but which would be created at the full size of a quilt. I have been very excited about this project and have been thinking and working on it in some capacity since I received acceptance early this year.

The images below give you a sense of what went into the 2 pieces I created for the show. Rather than sticking to using commercial cloth, I chose to work with a vintage mattress cover that i found in Lansing, Michigan this summer. I cut the cover apart to form two pieces and pieced the edges accordingly to give me somewhat of a straight edge to work with. Then, rather than simply removing threads as I usually do, I went back into the drawn threadwork and embroidered around each and every square. You can see the following stages of progression below, from painting layers of quilt patterns, to inking, to sanding, to transfering color onto the cloth. I am not showing the final pieces here as I want the work to be a surprise when viewed in the exhibit. Currently Forum Quilt (Ticking II) is on exhibit upstairs and there is a chance that Ticking I may appear in the lobby at some future point.


Forum Quilt (Ticking II) Art Forum ink transfer with acrylic, setacolor and india ink on sanded vintage mattress ticking with drawn thread embroidery. 72 x 57 inches


Forum Quilt (Ticking I) Art Forum ink transfer with acrylic, setacolor and india ink on sanded vintage mattress ticking with drawn thread embroidery. 72 x 63.4 inches


Transfer Paintings I and II

Two new series of work available at Campfire Gallery in San Francisco. Check 'em out in person if you're in town! Otherwise catch a glimpse in my portfolio (Transfer Paintings I and Transfer Paintings II) and read a bit about them below:

Although titled as paintings, this new set of work is based on my past study and working knowledge of textiles. Trained as a weaver and dyer, I have explored many facets of the textile world including quilting, knitting and spinning. My main inspiration for my work continues to be rooted in these traditions.

 Working on raw stretched linen, I chose to source all of my color from the pages of magazines. Using a process that transfers ink from the paper page straight onto the canvas enabled piecing of the painting in much the same way a quilter pieces her work. I chose to work in multiple layers of transfers adding to the traditional definition of a quilt, which requires at least 3 layers of material. As with the majority of my work, I applied a final layer of black ink from behind to seep into the exposed and still raw areas of the linen fabric, highlighting the process of piecing the painting.

 My titles reference traditional quilt patterns while also identifying and defining the key aspects of each piece. Each work is an exercise in pattern and color, one in which I am constantly striving to create harmony between disparate pieces and parts. Working with found color and imagery in magazines is an important part of this process and also references the work of the traditional quilter who often sourced fabric from used and found materials.



Knit Construction

After much time away from my knitting needles, I was inspired to pick them up again after joining the knitting group here at Penland. Although I've spent most of my time knitting garments I was excited to try a open lace structure that I could work into a new piece in my studio. Forever playing with image transfer, I chose to color this piece solely with built up ink from magazines. I finished the piece by backing it with stretched linen.


Explorations in Cross Stitch

I took a little time in August to explore more of the cross stitch I started doing last year. I didn't think I could find a process slower than the act of pulling threads out of cloth, but I did! Yet, the slow and focused attention needed to complete the work is a process I much enjoy. Rather than working on canvases with pre-printed images though I chose to transfer my own image this time from magazines. The deteriorated surface with subtle artifacts of color peeking through inspired me to stitch a slightly bolder version of my standard geometric patterning. With a final layer of paint applied to the back, I bled ink into the embroidery thread stitching from behind. Definitely more explorations in this to come!


Auction Weekend

Thank you to all who came out for Penland's 27th annual Auction! It was my first auction at Penland and it was a success. Pictured above is a piece I finished just in time for the event. I began this piece during my residency last year at Jentel in Wyoming. Sometimes it takes a while to make a piece just right!


Candy (Front & Back)

Candy (Sweet)
Pulled thread with image transfer, ink and acrylic on sanded cloth. 9 x 9 inches


Pretty Please

Pretty Please
Etching in acrylic on BFK Rives paper with image transfer and oil-based paint.


Chevron Twill

Cleaning up images of my new Weaving Draft series. Chevron Twill (Detail) Etching in acrylic on BFK Rives paper with image transfer, and oil-based paint.


Weaving Drafts

One of my first projects here at Penland has been a new series of works on paper. Before I left San Francisco I was approached by a gallery opening up in the heart of the Mission district at 24th and Bartlett to show my prints. I've been excited to start this new round of drawings and I currently have two series in the works. Keep your eyes out for images in the next few weeks plus details about the gallery opening in July!